What is Lifeline at Home?

Lifeline at Home provides a service throughout the UK. We are committed to helping people live independently in their own homes via our personal alarm system. Giving both the user and their family & friends peace of mind, in the knowledge that help is available at the push of a button.

There are many different names for our service here are some to name a few: careline, personal safety alarm, lifeline alarm, community alarm or a personal alarm. You may also hear professionals call it a 'telecare service'.

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The Lifeline Personal Alarm System

The Lifeline at Home personal alarm system is provided by our parent company Tunstall Healthcare.
The system consists of two parts; the base unit and the MyAmie pendant.

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Product features include:

  • Easy installation, all you need is a phone line
  • A small and lightweight pendant
  • Wearing options for the wrist or around the neck
  • Waterproof, so it can be worn in the bath or shower
  • A range of up to 100 metres so you are covered in the garden
  • Long battery life, it should not need to be replaced for at least 7 years

Who is the careline service for?

The careline service is designed to help people to support the following, anywhere in the UK.

Supporting image for our careline service.

We have found it is particularly useful to people who:

  • Are living alone
  • Are older
  • Currently care for someone
  • Are unwell
  • Are less mobile and might be at risk of falling
  • Have just come out of hospital
  • Don't have regular visitors
  • Are worried about intruders or crime

Read our Case Studies from our Lifeline at Home service users as they explain how the service helps them.

How does the careline service work?

Setting up our personal alarm service is easy! Watch our How To videos.

Once your equipment is setup you will be connected to our TSA platinum accredited Tunstall response centre. You will then provide us with all of your contact details and also the details of two emergency contacts to complete the setup.

Should you need assistance, you can press your personal alarm button and our customer service team will either contact one of your listed contacts or the emergency services.

Simple but very effective and could save someone's life.

There is no need to worry about accidently pressing the alarm, as we always love to hear from you and check the system is running properly.

Watch the process of how it's done below.