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Care Clip: Self-Monitored - How do I wear the CareClip?

Attach the CareClip to an item of clothing. The CareClip is designed like a clothes peg and can be attached to a belt, shirt or any body worn clothing. A lanyard is also supplied with your CareClip. The lanyard can be clipped each side of the CareClip to enable the CareClip to be worn around your neck.

Care Clip: Self-Monitored - How long does the battery last? How long to does a full charge take?

  • It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery from empty.
  • A fully charged battery will last 12 – 14 hours on outdoor mode.
  • A fully charged battery will last up to 36 hours on indoor mode.
  • Battery life on outdoor & indoor mode may vary between 12 – 36 hours.
  • These times will vary if the CareClip is generating a lot of fall/panic/boundary alerts.

Care Clip: Self-Monitored - What do the lights mean?

The following are the explanations for the different status/colours of the CareClip LED.

  • Red light (while seated on the charging unit): CareClip is currently charging.
  • Green light (while seated on the charging unit): CareClip is fully charged.
  • Flashing red light (while off the charging unit): CareClip battery power is below 25%.

Care Clip: Self-Monitored - What does the CareClip charging unit do?

  • The charging unit recharges the CareClip when it is correctly seated on it.
  • It also acts as a radio beacon to inform the CareClip it is in range of the home location. This allows the CareClip to turn off its GPS which saves battery power.
  • If the CareClip is within 15 - 20 metres of its charging unit or attached to it and they are not located at the ‘Home location’ as determined in the Dashboard settings, then the CareClip will be in Outdoor mode.

Care Clip: Self-Monitored - What is Outdoor/ Indoor mode?

  • Indoor mode – device is within the 20m range of its specific charging unit while the charging unit is powered on and both devices are at the ‘Home Location’ as determined by the CareClip’s Dashboard settings.
  • Outdoor mode – CareClip device is not within 20m of its powered on charging unit and/or not at the ‘Home Location’ as determined by the Dashboard settings.
  • If the CareClip is within 15 - 20 metres of its charging unit or attached to it and but they are not located at the ‘Home location’ as determined in the Dashboard settings then the CareClip will be in Outdoor mode.

Care Clip: Self-Monitored - Where should I put my CareClip charging unit?

  • Place your charging unit in a convenient home location where it can be easily accessed such as a bedside table.
  • This allows for easy overnight charging of the CareClip.
  • The CareClip charging unit should be powered on while the user is at their home location. This allows the Careclip to communicate with the charging unit and operate in ‘Indoor mode.’


How can I order?

You can order online at www.lifelineathome.com, or over the phone by calling 0330 123 3303. You can also request that we call you by completing the call back form on the website.

What if I set up my Lifeline at Home equipment and it doesn’t appear to be working properly?

Please refer to the Quick set-up guide and the User Guide. Please also check the following:

  • If the property has broadband an ADSL filter has been fitted.
  • The lifeline alarm is connected to the first telephone point in the house with all other extensions wired into the alarm subsequently.
  • There are no telephone handsets left off the hook in the property.

Do I need broadband to have the Lifeline at Home service?

No, broadband is not required, however if you do have broadband in your home you will need to ensure that you use the ADSL filter supplied by your broadband provider. Please refer to the Quick set-up guide for further information.

How do I set up the Lifeline at Home equipment?

The equipment is sent out with easy to follow instructions in our Quick set-up guide, making home set-up simple. You will need a working telephone landline socket within 2 metres of a mains electricity plug socket. Plug the Lifeline alarm into the phone and power sockets and you should be able to raise a test call to our response centre who will already have your details on our system. Take a look at this video which shows you how to plug in your system.

What if I have difficulty setting up the Lifeline at Home system?

You can refer to our Quick set-up guide, and if you still have difficulty please call us on 0330 123 3303.

What if I have more than one phone, or an answer machine?

As long as the lifeline alarm is connected to the first telephone point in the house with all other extensions wired into the unit subsequently, the system will work properly. You must also ensure that the handsets of all telephones in the house are never left off the hook.

How will I learn to use the service?

It is very simple, all you need to do is remember to wear your pendant alarm at all times within your home and garden and then press it whenever you need help. Even if you aren’t near the Lifeline alarm, pressing the button on your pendant alarm will automatically raise a call at our response centre.

If you would like to ask a question about the service in the future just press the pendant alarm or the red button on the Lifeline alarm and one of our operators will be pleased to help you.

How do I raise a call for help?

Simply press the red button on your pendant alarm or your Lifeline alarm.

What happens if I push the button on the pendant but can't get to the lifeline alarm?

Your pendant alarm has a range of 50 metres, so you should be able to raise a call from anywhere in your home and garden. The Lifeline alarm contains a powerful loudspeaker and microphone, enabling our operators to talk to you and for them to hear you in return. However, if you are in a place in your home where our operators cannot hear you they will contact one of your key holders.

How far away from the home unit will the pendant trigger work?

This depends on your house (e.g. thickness of walls) however on average the pendant will work up to 50 metres from the Lifeline alarm. This should ensure it works in all rooms within your house and the majority of your garden. We recommend that you test your personal trigger when you install the service to establish the level of coverage in your home.

What are the wearing options for the pendant alarm?

The pendant alarm comes with two wearing options, a neckcord or a wrist strap – so you can choose whichever option you are happy with.

How long does the battery last?

The Lifeline alarm connects to your mains, but has a back-up battery supply in case of a power cut, which lasts for 40 hours.

The battery in your pendant alarm lasts for 7 years (which can vary dependant on the amount of usage). When the battery becomes low it will send you alerts and monitor the level of battery, so you know when it needs to be replaced.

Is the pendant waterproof?

The pendant is waterproof to IP67 standard and can be worn in the shower.

What happens if I accidentally press my alarm?

Don’t panic, you can cancel the call before it goes through on the lifeline alarm by pressing the green cancel button, or you can let the response operator know it was an accident. We ask that you press the alarm once a month to test it.

Are my family members alerted of any problems?

When you sign up to the service you provide us with the details of two emergency contacts. In the case of an emergency we will contact those emergency contacts first, if we can’t get a hold of them we will contact the appropriate emergency service instead.

How much does the service cost?

The Lifeline at Home service which includes a lifeline alarm and a pendant alarm with monitoring included: £35 registration fee plus £12.49 per month subscription. An upfront payment will cover registration and the first month’s subscription. Service payments will then be taken at monthly intervals.

That’s just 41p per day for peace of mind.
Prices are plus VAT where applicable.

How do I pay for the service?

You can make the upfront payment with Credit or Debit card when you order via this website. You will also need to complete an online Direct Debit form to set up your monthly subscription. Alternatively you can call us on 0330 123 3303 and we will take your payment details over the phone.

How much electricity does the Lifeline alarm use?

The Lifeline alarm uses very little electricity and we estimate the cost of the electricity it uses to be around £15 per year (based on costs of £0.15/kWh). This equates to 4p per day.

What do I do if I move home?

Just take the equipment with you and install it in your new home. Then test the pendant alarm and let us know that you have moved home and our operator will update your records. We also need you to keep us informed of changes to your key holders and medical history.

Do I need a key safe?

No, you don’t need a keysafe to sign up to this service. When you are placing an order, we ask you for your keyholder details, this means that because one of your emergency contacts who has a key to your house.

How can I be sure the service is working?

We recommend that you test your pendant alarm every month to ensure it is working properly. Press the red button and when the call is answered just let the operator know that you are testing the service and that everything is ok.

Can the service be used if there is an extension telephone/Internet connection being used on the same telephone line?

All extension telephones should be plugged into the Lifeline alarm, in accordance with the installation instructions, to ensure disconnection of normal telephone calls when an alarm call is made. A good quality filter must be installed on the line for use with internet connections including broadband.

What happens if my system appears not to be working?

In the unlikely event that your Lifeline at Home system stops working, please contact us on 0330 123 3303 so that we can establish the cause of the problem. In the event of equipment being faulty, we will arrange for replacement equipment to be sent out to you and provide a pre-paid envelope for the return of the faulty equipment.

How do I cancel the Service?

There is no minimum contract period for the service. The service can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice by the bill payer by calling 0330 123 3303 or any of the other methods outline in the terms and conditions on this website.